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Hi, I'm Ruud de Pagter and I've been enthusiastically involved as a Forever Business Owner since 1995. I strive to support others as a mentor in achieving their personal and professional goals. My commitment is to bring out the best in people and I enjoy sharing my own experiences and successes as inspiration.

When I'm not working, I cherish moments with my family, take long walks in the woods with my dog, delve into personal development, and indulge in online racing. Inspired by leaders like Dale Carnegie and John C. Maxwell, I believe in the power of collaboration and the pursuit of personal excellence, much like what you see in the movie 'Remember the Titans'.

Ruud de Pagter

Forever Business Owner

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The freedom to work when it suits you.

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What Others Say!

"In the years that I've known Ruud, the interactions have always been constructive and inspiring. Questions are answered promptly and always backed up with facts, allowing you to keep the momentum going! I know Ruud as a very affable coach and mentor! He doesn't have a 9-to-5 mentality and is always there for everyone!!"


"Ruud is the one who truly explained the business concept to me. Thanks to his guidance, enthusiasm, and inspiration, I have achieved where I am today. Moreover, Ruud is a great mentor who is always there for me whenever needed!"


"These Forever Business Owners have made time to build an income with Forever. They now have the freedom to choose when and where they want to work."


"In my early years, Ruud helped me gain insight into the business concept. No question was too much, and Ruud still stands ready to brainstorm with his knowledge and expertise. He is a good listener and asks the right questions to create more insight into your business so you can continue to grow."


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